Friday, September 28, 2012

Fab images from the comics exhibitions I curated for @MoCANYC: MARVELS & MONSTERS and ALT.COMICS!

ALT.COMICS features amazing never-before-seen artwork from Gene Yang, Derek Kirk Kim, GB Tran, Jason Shiga and many other incredible graphic novel talents — plus original art from SHATTERED, the next SECRET IDENTITIES joint, due out in early November;

MARVELS & MONSTERS brings the show I originally curated for NYU A/P/A Institute to life in a brand new space, featuring nearly half a century of Asian images in U.S. comics, courtesy of William F. Wu's staggering collection!

Go see 'em! Shows will be up through February, so not having time is not an excuse....

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Wonder what it's like for the First Family backstage during the President's big #DNC closing speech? First Sibling Maya Soetero-Ng tells all!!

A few days after the festivities, Maya Soetero-Ng, President Barack Obama's half-sister, was kind enough to share a quick Q&A look behind the scenes at the president's big event!


What exactly is happening before you guys come on stage? Are you in the audience, or standing in the wings — and what does it feel like to step out with the whole arena cheering at the top of their lungs?

We were sitting in the front with my family and the Biden family. We then went backstage and watched the last part of my brother's speech. There were a lot of people backstage — campaign staff, convention staff, White House staff, Secret Service agents — and us. I was feeling excitement and pride when my husband and I joined everyone on stage. I wished that our mom was alive; she would have been so proud.

Is the president ever nervous before he speaks? If he is, do you know what he does to calm down prior to talking? 

He never really gets nervous — he's always confident in his abilities, even when we face off against each other over a Scrabble board.

Where were your kids? Did they come on stage too, or were they in bed?

Our children were with their grandparents. Our youngest daughter was asleep and our oldest daughter watched and wondered why we were not standing up front with the President. I like hanging back and being behind!

What did you guys go do after "the show"? Did you get the chance to spend some time together as an (extended) family, or was it a long night of working and media stuff?

After a sip of celebratory champagne and fist bumps, my husband and I fell asleep.

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Doodled this while in Chinese class. (Yes, I'm taking Chinese classes.) #pinyinjokes

Mandarin 101 required to get this one.


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Monday, June 25, 2012

@JamesFallows on the state of #SCOTUS today: "Like Chinese courts when I was living there"


"How would you characterize a legal system that knowledgeable observers assume will not follow the law and instead will advance a particular party-faction agenda? That's how we used to talk about the Chinese courts when I was living there. Now it's how law professors are describing the Supreme Court of the John Roberts era."
--James Fallows, perspicacious as always, in The Atlantic

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

@Microsoft's #Surface tablet concept is smart and pretty and desperate and it will #fail.


Might as well go on the record with my prediction here.

MSFT's whizzy new tab will sell out of the gate to the Anything But Apple crowd (a larger bunch than you'd guess) and to people who think they need a keyboard. It will then tail off and flatline, just like the Kindle Fire has. The future of Surface, if it has one, is as a niche player, sustained by huge amounts of Microsoft investment.

The problem is not that Surface is not innovative. It's that it's innovative in the wrong direction -- headed backwards as far as human interface is concerned rather than forward. Beautiful, thin keyboards and slender, hyperaccurate styluses are STILL KEYBOARDS AND STYLUSES.

With Kinect, Microsoft proved that it can pull of disruptive interface innovation for big screens and large areas. Unfortunately, there's really no value prop for Kinect on handheld or desktop devices -- really, are you going to wave at your phone or tablet? So the jury is still out on the future of the mobile computing interface. But we know one thing it's not going to spring from: Better versions of 1980's era technology.

Meanwhile, if you take a look over in Cupertino, you'll see that Apple is doubling down on Siri and adding proprietary mapping/positioning technology to its full line of devices and probably considering what new categories of sensors it should incorporate into its next-next generation of devices -- Apple blazed the trail on incorporating attitude, proximity, acceleration and directional sensors in its handhelds, after all, and there are a few types of environmental data their little wonderslabs still don't pick up...which could make for some interesting new UI solutions.

Add it all up and this is what you get: Apple is springing forward. Microsoft is falling back. 


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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

@Time mag's latest scoop: Attachment sidekicking. Inspiration: @The_Real_Chow #TheDarkKnightNurses


I'm sure I'm not the first person to 'Shop this. But!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Live from SXSW: Nick Adler, Strategic Brand Manager at Stampede, on why Far East Movement blew up


Nick Adler:

"Look, there are a couple factors. First, with Asian Americans you're looking at a demographic that's experiencing massive growth and that's been neglected as an audience for a long time. MTV, that was created for and caters to a certain audience. BET, that was created for and caters to a certain audience. No one ever said, 'Hey, there's this Asian American audience out there, and they speak English, and they were born and raised here, and they listen to music.' So then YouTube came along. And all of a sudden, artists could speak to people directly. Guys like Ryan Higa, he has millions of followers, and when he puts a video up, he gets 10 million hits. You look at that, and you say, 'There's an audience.' There's a clear path there. But Far East Movement, they were the first artists to really break through on the back of that [YouTube] audience — because they weren't like most artists who say, 'Hey, I gotta go do YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, because that's what you do if you're an artist.' That's where they're from. They were doing that from day one."

Speaking on a panel called "From the Blocks to the Blogs," described as follows:

Since the social media burst in 2004, Hip Hop Industry tastemakers and artists have embraced these platforms as an essential tool to connect with fans and to extend their brand. These early adaptors learned to engage fans, disseminate content and create brand awareness. What are the new trends and next steps for Hip Hop and social media?

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Friday, March 09, 2012

What the New iPad means for Apple rivals: "No Air."


I've been having a somewhat spirited email conversation with colleagues who've been dismissive about the implications of the New iPad (that's what it's called — no numbers, no letters. Just iPad). 

My take: I think they're missing exactly what kind of a milestone the New iPad represents. 

When I look at the New iPad, I see Apple reaching a point where they're starting to turn off the oxygen taps on the other players in the (non-money-losing) tablet market — I'm absenting Amazon Fire and B&N Nook here, because both companies sell their product at breakeven or loss in the hopes of earning revenues on subsequent media sales. 

The argument for this oxygen deprivation is clear on the consumer-facing side: To paraphrase the always insightful Farhad Manjoo over at Slate, Apple is playing a "just out of reach" game with its rivals, where they're continually introducing product that's a half-generation ahead of the competition, while dropping the price on the parity product to a price the rest of the field can't hope to match. The New iPad does that in spades: iPad 2 was a faster, thinner iPad 1, but the New iPad's Retina Display makes it a unique product in the tablet category, and it's priced at exactly the same as the last generation. Which is now being discounted by roughly 25%. No air.

But it's even more clear on the supply side, where Apple has put billions of dollars down to lock up key components: microprocessors, cameras and especially the Retina Display screens themselves, making it impossible or impractical from a marginal standpoint for its rivals to even build a comparable product at scale. In fact, they might not be able to for intellectual property reasons as well: Display genius and Apple engineering director John Zhong owns the key patent on screens with Super High Aperture pixels — a critical innovation preventing crosstalk and distortion in screens with ultra-high pixel density, like the Retina Display. No air there either

What does this mean? Well, from this point, with tablets on course to surpass traditional PC sales in the next few years, we'll need to think of Apple's hold on the coming generation of computing as metaphorically equivalent to Microsoft's dominance of the trad PC...except much, much more potent.

Because Apple designs its own processors. It owns its own online app and media store. It owns its own B&M retail environment. And it owns the world's biggest online payments infrastructure, as defined by number of active credit cards on file. 

No air.

Unless it's Apple-scented air.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

‘The Celebrity Apprentice,’ Season 5, Episode 3: TV Recap -- Goodbye George!

Celebrity Apprentice Season 5, Season Premiere Recap (on Wall Street Journal Online)

Celebrity Apprentice Season 5, Episode Two Recap (on Wall Street Journal Online)

[Due to illness, this week's didn't make it in time for the Wall Street Journal's window of freshness. But here it is in full anyway! The Internetz is awesome!]

Your humble recapper was struck down with a bout of the flu this weekend — no, not Linfluenza, although the horror that was the Knicks' ugly OT loss to the hated Men in Green on Sunday did make me sick to my stomach — and so apologies, your weekly dose of Celebprenticillin is a day late.

For the men's team, it's also $20,000 short, since, spoiler alert! Team Unanimous actually tanks a task this time out, giving the women of Team Forte a much-needed win after a pair of crushing defeats. The previous losses have pared Forte down to a svelte six, versus the Team Uni's excessively confident eight; however, it's clear that this has been a case of addition by subtraction, as the termination of low-energy Cheryl Tiegs and glowering gargoyle Victoria Gotti seems to have put a new spring in the ladies' step. Lisa Lampanelli seems particularly buoyant after heaving nemesis Gotti back into the fires of Tartarus from whence she came. "That was fun," she croons. "That was a good time."

Who's on the bubble for a Trump kick in the rump this week? Ironically, the two contestants who step in as project managers for this week's action. For Unanimous, it's George Takei, who's looked distracted and vaguely out of place so far this season, as if he'd accidentally wandered into a weird parallel dimension. OMG, in this universe, Spock has a moustache! And Lisa Lampanelli doesn't! That's a joke, Lisa! 

For Forte, it's Dayana Mendoza, who narrowly escaped being eliminated last time out after complaining about having nothing to do except be incredibly hot, with a sexy little Venezuelan accent, and oh, those lips, those teeth, that smile! Stop complaining, Day-Day!

When this week's mission is announced, it's clearly been hand-crafted to give the girls a chance to get some mojo back: The two teams each have to design, build and populate a pair of "living window displays" to show off Trumpspawn Ivanka's spring 2012 fashion line at the flagship New York branch of department store Lord & Taylor. The girls have an obvious edge, since most of the men's team does not wear women's clothing! But wait, the men's team isn't going into this duel unarmed: They have the gays. And Arsenio Hall, also. Who, as Hall has pointed out himself dozens of times in just the first two episodes, is super-duper-UN-gay, but — as Takei points out — is a "man of elegance and style, but also panache. He's amaaaazing." Don't read between the lines, people. Hall: Panache, yes. Gay? Not even a cinnamon-latte sprinkle!

But hey, Clay A. and Takei? Gay as a day in May! And so, the men have a fighting chance! Aiken declines the offer to project manage, but Takei, vociferously presenting his credentials ("I'm gay! I'm gay! I'd like to think I have good visual sense!") takes up the challenge. Which prompts the Moustache King to breathe a sigh of relief. "Me, I'm definitely in the dark," says American Chopper's Teutel. "I'm not a clothes kind of guy. Pair of boots, underwear and socks, I'm good to go." Arrrgh, the mental image, it burns!

Over on the double-X side of the dime, Dayana Mendoza snags the P.M. tiara from the clutches of Real Housewife Teresa Giudice, who's loudly proclaiming her fitness for the gig. "Fashion is my background," she says. "I went to school for fashion!" The other ladies pretend not to hear! Fortunately for Team Forte, there's no flippable furniture within reach.

The mission itself presents complications for both celebrisquads. First of all, even gayed-up Team Unanimous seems at a loss for ideas. "Our gay teammates weren't much help," grouses Arsenio Hall. "It seems they weren't the right kind of gay."

So leave it to the least gay guy on the show to step up to the fashion plate! "Let me be in the process of choosing clothes — I'm really good at dressing women," Hall says. Bring the panache, dawg! He's joined by Aiken and Takei himself, who look on with awe at the refined taste and kicky aesthetic of their so-straight-you-could-use-him-as-a-ruler colleague.

Adam Carolla, Paul Teutel, Lou Ferrigno and Michael Andretti — whose ninjitsu reality-show strategy seems to involve wearing dark colors and standing very, very still — are assigned the high-testosterone "build" portion of the mission: They'll construct the set on which the living window display will take place.

Dee Snider, meanwhile, is sent to the doctor’s office for a checkup on the finger he ganked in last week’s Dork Ages-themed episode. As he frets about being booted because of his gimpiness (rightly so: Arsenio Hall calls Snider the “one-armed guy from The Fugitive” and wonders multiple times whether the heavy metal madman can keep up with his arm in a sling, or if he should just be taken out and shot).

Anyway, the guys’ take on the assignment is pretty much the reflexive response of any (straight) guy to a situation involving wimmenstuff: Sexy twins! Can’t go wrong with Doublemint, amirite? (Maybe if we pretend we’re not looking, they’ll, like, start making out!) The guys decide that the two windows will show the versatility of the Ivanka Trump line, leveraging their cloned assets by creating identical tableaux, one by day and one by night.

The girls, led by an energized Aubrey O’Day, imagine an elaborate setup in which an army of models will represent every hour of the day (O’the Day?) to form a “clock of empowered womanhood.” O’Day’s bogarting of the mission leads a snappish Debbie Gibson to say the exercise, and maybe the whole series, is becoming “The Aubrey Show.” However, she also acknowledges that O’Day has been kicking serious butt – and proves herself the contestant to beat once again this episode, when multiple crises strike in sequence. The original idea (also engineered by O’Day) collapses due to the realization that a 13 by 10 retail window can’t possibly hold the fashion equivalent of the Tournament of Roses Parade. Their backup plan, suggested by O’Day, is to use Ivanka’s original sketches in one window and photographs of finished designs in the other. But after a day of painstaking shooting of product, with minutes to go before the grand unveiling, the photos (which O’Day was responsible for bringing down from the studio) are nowhere to be found! Totes not her fault – the box was mysteriously empty! So O’Day springs into action again, proposing a backup backup plan involving something something something smoke and mirrors. Hey, at this point they have five minutes left!

Fortunately, the lollapalooza of unforced errors on the part of the ladies is nothing compared to the leaden, lackadaisical work of the dudes. Our Man George wanders through scenes, letting his deputies – Carolla and Hall – pretty much do as they like. It’s clear from jump street that, as Trumpspawn Eric notes, this project will be a “referendum on George.” So when the curtains pull back on Team Unanimous’s windows, and the clothes on the twinsie models look like they were randomly selected from a hobo’s ragbag, it’s not Arsenio Hall’s fault, it’s George’s. And when the background color of one of the scenes is so dark that the setting looks like London during the Blitz, it’s not Adam Carolla’s fault, it’s George’s.

And when everybody ends up in the boardroom and the ladies are finally announced as the winners, George decides to take one for the team, with the dignity and grace of a samurai falling on his sword. “Ultimately, the leader has to take the responsibility,” he says, his voice even.

“You know who has the most respect for you, George?” says Donald Trump. “Donald Trump. But George, you’re fired. And you’re a terrific man.”

George is gone! “I only regret I couldn't do more for the Japanese American National Museum,” he says as he heads to the Loser’s Limo. Hey, but the show’s two mentions of the Japanese American National Museum are approximately two mentions more than JANM has ever had on primetime TV! So even if he’s lost the game, he’s won a moral victory?

And with that, Takei is loaded into a photon torpedo bay and shot into the icy vacuum of reality show also-ran-hood. Do “Dancing With the Stars” next, George!

That’s it for this week. Tune in next Monday for another madcap recap of Celebrity Apprentice – now with 100% less Sulu!


Takei wasn’t available for comment – he was appearing in a nonprofit fundraiser called Broadway Backwards last night – but his husband, Brad Takei, was quick to note that his firing didn’t represent the end of the story: “George and Donald are scheduled to get together to discuss marriage equality!” says Brad. (“Think of it this way: More Victoria’s Secret models for the straight guys, Don….”)

Takei also appeared on yesterday’s Today show and on Ellen DeGeneres, who hired George to hawk show merchandise to the studio audience. Takei raised a hot $335 for an animal rescue charity. But that’s hardly where Takei’s fundraising chops have shown up most: He put a project he’s been developing for years, a musical about the Japanese American internment called “Allegiance,” on IndieGoGo looking for $50,000 in production funds, which will go toward the show’s world premiere at the Old Globe Theater in San Diego, Ca. With 17 hours left, “Allegiance” has raised over $150,000! Eat your heart out, Celebrity Apprentice. Check it out (and donate what you can, if you can).


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Saturday, November 12, 2011

This may be the most ludicrous New York Times Op-Ed I've read in years: Sell out Taiwan in exchange for China forgiving $1.1 trillion in debt!

Here's the link. And a quote:

There are dozens of initiatives President Obama could undertake to strengthen our economic security. Here is one: He should enter into closed-door negotiations with Chinese leaders to write off the $1.14 trillion of American debt currently held by China in exchange for a deal to end American military assistance and arms sales to Taiwan and terminate the current United States-Taiwan defense arrangement by 2015. 

This would be a most precious prize to the cautious men in Beijing, one they would give dearly to achieve. After all, our relationship with Taiwan, as revised in 1979, is a vestige of the cold war.

Wow. As if abandoning our allies and strategic commitments without cause or explanation weren't abhorrent enough, to suggest doing so in exchange for cash fundamentally demeans our country's values and ideals. (Imagine if he'd suggested selling Israel in exchange for a trillion in free oil?)

Ironically, the writer, Paul Kane, is an Iraq War vet. Thanks for your service, Mr. Kane, but you learned the wrong lesson from that misguided adventure....which will have cost us three times your bargain-label price for Taiwan by the time we finally leave.

James Fallows's equally aghast take here: Is This NYT Op-Ed a Joke? Selling Taiwan to the Bankers of Beijing—The Atlantic

And, of course, the Taiwanese animators of NMA:

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

WCCO-TV's idiotic "Chinatown market sells dog meat" story: Reporter and news director need to come clean


So you've probably already heard about the rickperryian antics of reporter James Schugel, of CBS Minneapolis affiliate WCCO. If not, here's a quick recap: He conducted an exclusive investigation on how Minnesota dogs were being sent to New York Chinatown for consumption as meat. The heart of his report — an interview with a worker at Dak Cheong Market, where the dogs were allegedly being shipped, in which the worker apparently admitted over the phone to selling "dog meat." "Dogs...for people to eat?" Schugel asked. "Um, yeah. We sell many kinds of meat," responded the worker, in halting English.

(It should be noted that this conversation occurred after Schugel had sent his undercover "I-Team" crew to New York, where they investigated the premises with a hidden camera and (naturally) found no trace of dogs being consumed, butchered or sold.)

Now, those of you who are familiar with Chinese accents already know what's going on here. Yep, the worker was saying that they sold "duck" meat — ducks, "not for pets, but for eating." Because what kind of an idiot would go to a butcher shop to buy a pet

But that didn't stop Schugel and WCCO from highlighting the piece as a major story both on broadcast and on the web — until the real story came out and the station hastily pulled the online stream. The Asian American Journalists Association's Minnesota chapter has asked the station and reporter for an apology and explanation; none has so far been forthcoming. 

As usual, there's a much bigger concern here than just a single erroneous report. This is a case of a journalist going into a story with a clear agenda in mind: He wanted to uncover proof of dogs being eaten by Chinese people. Probably not because of any desire to slander Chinese; to give him the benefit of the doubt, he was likely motivated by the desire to "break" a big and shocking story. But the rationale for Schugel's lack of appropriate journalistic skepticism is moot. The fact is, when an initial — and expensive — foray didn't obtain the evidence he wanted, he pushed until he got support for the conclusion that would generate the most reaction.

Did he consult with experts in Chinese culture, cuisine or immigrant communities? Doesn't seem like it. And given the obvious likelihood that a language barrier would exist between the Kansas City, MO-raised Schugel and his prospective source, did he seek out the services of a translator to communicate in his over-the-phone interview? Nope. 

It's a no-brainer to point out that a station with reasonable diversity at all levels of the newsroom would probably have an Asian American individual capable of raising questions about both Schugel's reporting and conclusions before he and the station embarrassed themselves so badly.

But really, all it would have taken here is for a news director to engage a garden-variety B.S. detector: Even assuming a Chinese market were illegally importing dogs from another state to sell as meat, would they be idiotic enough to admit it, matter of factly, over the phone to a non-Chinese stranger

(It should be noted that, despite numerous rumors and unfounded allegations, no one's ever found a legit case of dogs being butchered and sold or served in the U.S. as meat. Really. Never. Here's a column I wrote about it, years ago: Putting On the Dog)

Schugel needs to be suspended from the investigative beat, and WCCO news director Mike Caputa — who was promoted to that position just this June — needs to go on the record explaining why the decision was made to air this story, given its massive holes. And let me be clear — this isn't a race thing, it's a journalism thing. Bad reporting needs to be censured, regardless of what its subject is.

That said, when bad reporting contributes to racial slanders that have (ahem) dogged a community since the dawn of immigration, and when it threatens the livelihood of innocent immigrant businessmen and workers (not just in New York, but in every Chinatown in the nation), the repercussions need to be real, and they need to be redressed quickly and publicly.

WCCO's failure to do so is the biggest embarrassment of all. 

Sidenote: While WCCO's fast fingers have pulled the original report off the web, the Taiwanese animators over at NMA-TV have been equally quick to fill the hole. Here's their take on the debacle:

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All the snark in one place!: My CNBC GOPDebate liveblog transcript

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So you may or may not know that I've been liveblogging the GOP Debates for WNYC's "It's a Free Country" as their Pop & Politics correspondent. In practice, this has meant pounding beers while watching the cavalcade of insanity that passes for the GOP candidates slate, and doing my best to simultaneously peck out snide commentary.

Anyway, with just a few thousand more debates left in this cycle, I've decided to start posting transcripts of my posts (here's a transcript of the actual debate itself, which was hosted by CNBC and titled "Your Money, Your Vote" — hilarious that CNBC misspelled its own anchor's name as "John Hardwood," you totes know that's his porn name, right people?) The highlights of last night's debate: 1. Jon Huntsman's back, did anyone miss him? 2. Herman Cain calling Nancy Pelosi "Princess Nancy" 3. Rick Perry #epicfail. 

And now, your debate, in 60 seconds. 

The debate's about to begin! My fearless predictions on the top three GOP debate ideas to fix the economy: 1—Cut taxes 2—End Medicare/Social Security 3—Ban abortion. 

Oops—the numbering got messed up. Should be 9—Cut taxes 9—End Medicare/Social Security 9—Ban abortion

Uh...was that Food Network's Alton Brown being interviewed as an expert for this debate?

Ha! @BorowitzReport GOP Debate Preview: Michele Bachmann will say that from the moment an egg is fertilized, it has the right to own a gun

Huntsman's back! I totally feel like he should be standing there behind a cardboard box

"Just like 60 minutes is an hour, a dollar is a dollar." #CainsFirmGraspOnObvious

Romney takes a sideswipe at Newt? "I've been married to the same woman for 42 years"

Rick Perry looks intensely focused on the five inches in front of his forehead.

Did Perry just call for the breakup of the banks? Like Newt did, earlier today?

The 40% corporate tax rate is driving jobs out of the country? How does Bachmann explain the huge percentage of companies that pay 0% taxes?

Santorum's 0% taxes for manufacturing makes zero sense. Banks will start setting up basketweaving divisions.

Whoa—the question. Maria B. raises Cain's lady problems: "Why should the U.S. people hire a president with character issues?"

Cain: "And if you'd like to talk about this later, Maria, in private..."

Now a question on Occupy Wall Street. 76% of Americans believe that the economy tilts toward the wealthy.

And Huntsman gets his first question, and answers: I want to be president of the 99%. And the 1%.

Newt: "Occupy Wall Street doesn't have a clue about history". Unlike the Tea Party, which is at least costume-appropriate.

Santorum wants to drill the Marcellus Shale while training coal miners how to program in C++. Or something.

Cain says 999! Everybody drink.

Bachmann: "Freedom should cost at least $10 for every taxpayer, the cost of 2 Happy Meals." It's tax policy via Groupon!

Romney: "Allow this economy to reboot." Romney to America: CTRL ALT DELETE

Newt plays the DeNiro card: You askin' me?

All of a sudden, all the GOP candidates are in favor of breaking up the big banks. Did a check not clear?

Perry's solution to the healthcare crisis: "I guarantee we'll solve it, and we'll save a ton of money."

Calling Minority Leader Pelosi "Princess Nancy," huh? Cain's just really racking up the gender credibility here 

Uh, Newt—Romney said MEDICARE, not MEDICAID should be sent to the states. Medicaid is already run by the states.

Michelle wondering where promised cost savings are from "Obamacare," which will not exist until 2014. #JustgohomealreadyMichelle

I really, really wish Romney would just say "we need to repeal Obamacare and replace it with Romneycare"

Romney stumbles like a drunken sailor all around question related to individual mandate.

RT @benschwartzy: Cain campaign now issuing statement that Pelosi is a "troubled woman" who asked to be called "Princess Nancy."”

Tied for face you most just feel like slapping: Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich 

Romney did not want to remind audience that he collaborated with Ted Kennedy on his healthcare plan. Ha.

"We must have a president who puts the country in front of getting elected" And Romney disqualifies entire Republican field in one swoop

Perry forgets what department he's going to eliminate. "Education, Commerce...uh..." Wow. #EndofLineforPerry

Props to Ron Paul for trying to give Perry hints, though. "EPA?" "'s not the EPA."

Gingrich calls for privatizing Social Security, e.g. putting it in the hands of the same people who brought us the global economic meltdown 

Bachmann has no idea what she's talking about, demographically OR economically, when she's talking about SocSecurity.

Huntsman: Obama sucks as a leader. See, a good leader wouldn't hire backstabbing weasels for key positions in his administration

Paul: "Pay for college the way you pay for cellphones!" Um...have the provider give it to you for free with a 2-year subscription?

Perry will "stand up for the young people" by getting rid of the federal student loan program. Our hero, saving kids from debt 

Oh here's the "China sucks" portion of the debate.

And Cain's answer to winning! vs. China? 999. Like it is to everything. #NounVerband999 

Romney: I'll crack down on China—those cheaters! I'll label them. And then they'll copy the labels and sell 'em at half price.

Newt cites Boston Consulting while standing right next to Bain alum Romney. Getting him back for his wife remark.

Romney's position on China is reminiscent of Reagan's joke "I've just signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever."

And now pit boss Jim Cramer is reading a quote about the markets being a casino....

I think that if Jim Cramer traded some of his medication for some of Rick Perry's, both would be better off.

If I'm running the GOP debates, it's 3 frontrunners I'd reduce the field to: Romney, Cain & the um, who's the third one there? Um...oops.

That's it! Until the next one...good night, everyone!



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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

PARENTS: Isn't this the most brilliant freakin' meal idea you've ever seen? Your pint-sized Ferran Adria will swoon. #hotdoghetti

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Inclement weather, but great seats, & #CCSabathia pitching a great game! #GoYanks!!!

But, sigh, just lost the no-no... :(

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Monday, July 25, 2011

MY MASTER LIST OF ASIAN AMERICAN POP MUSIC: A Spotify playlist in progress. As of 7/26/11—3031 tracks by over 190 artists (click for list and links!)

Name of Playlist: "Asian American Means Awesome"

As of July 25, 2011

Number of Tracks: 3031

Number of Artists: Over 190

8PAST – Subliminal Mistakes
8PAST – Tear Stains on Paper
8PAST – Scenes of My Confessions
8PAST – Melonade
8PAST – For Granted
8PAST – Better Days
8PAST – Reflections of Miss E
8PAST – The Day That We Both Died
8PAST – Band Practice
8PAST – Leaving Again
8PAST – With or Without You
8PAST – Simple Pleasures
A+ Dropouts – Someone New
Abigail Washburn – Tibetan Wish
Abigail Washburn – Sala
Abigail Washburn – Dream Seek
Abigail Washburn – Chinese Recess
Abigail Washburn – Song For Mama
Abigail Washburn – Little Birdie
AJ Rafael – Let It Be
AJ Rafael – Emma Watson
AJ Rafael – Emma Watson
AJ Rafael – Red Roses
AJ Rafael – We Could Happen
AJ Rafael – Mess We've Made (feat. Tori Kelly) (Live)
AJ Rafael – Five-Hundred Days
AJ Rafael – She Was Mine (feat. Jesse Barrera)
AJ Rafael – When We Say (feat. Andrew De Torres) (Acoustic)
AJ Rafael – Starlit Nights
AJ Rafael – Here All Alone Pt. 3
AJ Rafael – Without You
Alex Wong & Rachel Platten – Make It Home
Alfa Garcia – Meaningless Conversations
Alyssa Bernal – Hold Me Tight
Alyssa Bernal – Easy
Alyssa Bernal – Cali, Cali, Cali
Alyssa Bernal – Never Woulda
AM – Temporary One
Amerie – Why Don't We Fall In Love
Amerie – Talkin' To Me (Edit)
Amerie – Nothing Like Loving You
Amerie – Can't Let Go
Amerie – Need You Tonight
Amerie – Got To Be There
Amerie – I Just Died
Amerie – Hatin' On You
Amerie – Float
Amerie – Show Me
Amerie – All I Have
Amerie – Outro
Amerie – I'm Coming Out
Amerie – Hate2loveu
Amerie – 1 Thing
Amerie – Why Don't We Fall In Love
Amerie – Touch
Amerie – Gotta Work
Amerie – Talkin' To Me (Edit)
Amerie – Take Control
Amerie – Losing U
Amerie – Talkin' About
Amerie – Just What I Needed To See
Amerie – Take Control - Karmatronic Remix
Amerie – 1 Thing
Amerie – All I Need
Amerie – Touch
Amerie – Not The Only One
Amerie – Like It Used To Be
Amerie – Talkin' About
Amerie – Come With Me
Amerie – Rolling Down My Face
Amerie – Just Like Me
Amerie – Falling
Amerie – Why Don't We Fall In Love - Richcraft Remix
Amerie feat. Carl Thomas – Can We Go
Amerie feat. Carl Thomas – Can We Go
Amerie feat. Eve – 1 Thing - featuring Eve
Android Lust – Heathen (A Thousand Thoughts)
Annie Lin – In the Waiting Room
Annie Lin – Truck Was Struck
Annie Lin – Path of Least Resistance
Annie Lin – Ambulance Driver
Annie Lin – A Lot Like Me
Annie Lin – Whole
Annie Lin – Common Ground
Annie Lin – Secret Me
Apsci – Crazy Crazy Insane
Apsci – Under Control
Apsci – Camera On
Apsci – Easy
Apsci – 'Til The Windows Rattle Off
Apsci – Cubic Zirconia
Apsci – Big Adventures
Apsci – The Dark & Bittersweet End
Apsci – Let's Rip The Town Up
Apsci – Afford Me This Poetry
Apsci – The Tradeoff
Apsci – Swan Swan H
Apsci – Let's Go!!! - Bonus Track
Apsci – Tirade Highway
Apsci – Never Give Up
Apsci – Its Apsci
Apsci – Robosex
Apsci – Anais And Godzilla
Apsci – Runaway
Apsci – Rob The Bank
Apsci – Pep Rally
Apsci – Skip Rope
Apsci – Synth 3po
Apsci – Puttin On The Fitz
Apsci – Cherubic
Apsci – Synth 4po
Apsci – Tirade Highway
Apsci – Never Give Up
Apsci – Bike Messenger Diaries
Apsci – Runaway - Feat. Tunde
Apsci – Voice Print Identification
Apsci – Anais & Godzilla
Apsci – Stompin' - Feat. Pigeon John
Apsci – See That? - Feat. Mr. Lif
Apsci – Cherubic
Apsci – Rob The Bank - Feat. Martin Of Antibalas
Apsci – Robosex
Apsci – Puttin' On The Fitz - Feat. Vursatyl
Apsci – Pep Rally
Arden Cho – I'm Just a Girl
AWOL One – Try
AWOL One – She dances wicked
AWOL One – Life
AWOL One – Kabukibukaki
AWOL One – Mass Distortion
AWOL One – Stitches
AWOL One – Soul Perpose
AWOL One – Know Categories
AWOL One – Demo Killa
AWOL One – Live Rhymes two aka Live Animation
AWOL One – Suite Sixteen
Bai Guang – The Fire Of Love - Shanghai Restoration Project Remix
Bai Hong – Farewell Shasha - Shanghai Restoration Project Remix
Baiyu – B-Side
Baiyu – Sweet Misery
Baiyu – Don’t Cry
Baiyu – Foolish
Baiyu – Tomorrow’s Another Day
Baiyu – Secret Lover
Baiyu – Together
Baiyu – Gone
Baiyu – Alter Ego
Bambu – The Real Thing (Nicolas Matar Cielo Dub)
Bambu – Elevate Your Mind (Cielo Dub)
Bambu – Swing - Feat. Zion I
Bambu – No Fuss
Bambu – Crooks And Rooks
Bambu – Quit
Bambu – Seven Months
Bambu – Life Line
Bambu – Spare Change
Bambu – Crooks & Rooks
Bambu – Like Us
Bambu – Out The Gate
Bambu – Party Boy
Bambu – Misused
Bambu – Lifeline
Bambu – Exact Change
Bambu – Iron Bam
Bambu – A Dollar
Bambu – Iron Sheik
Bambu – Menacing Looks (with Krondon)
Bambu – America
Bambu – Rather Die In La
Bambu – The Arrival
Bambu – Jonah's Lament
Bambu – I Scream
Bambu – Chairman Mao
Bambu – The Love
Bambu – Pull It Back
Bambu – Truth Serum
Bambu – The Morning After
Bambu – Riches To Rags - Feat. Kronik Plague
Bambu – Fuck Yeah
Bambu – Beach Cruising
Bambu – Crack Talk - Feat. Roscoe Umali And Eye A Sage
Bambu – Home Cooked - Feat. Geologic, Kiwi, And Kuttin Kandi
Bambu – Guerra - Feat. Quetzal
Bambu – Life In Rewind
Bambu – Nicole
Bambu – Jeepney - Feat. Farmer John
Bambu – Always All Day
Bambu – East L.A. Story - Feat. Panama
Bambu – Gunshots - Feat. Kiwi
Bambu – Self Untitled (Am I)
Bambu – Gamble Of Life
Bambu – Fabric - Feat. Ashkan & Faniks
Bambu – Problems
Bambu – Boomshot
Bambu – Circles
Bambu – My Oshun
Bambu – Iwa Pwele
Bambu – Peaceful Pistols - Feat. Kiwi
Bambu – Yesterday
Bambu – Talking Coffins
Bambu – Esu
Bambu – Ballad For Simone
Bambu – My People
Bambu – Herman Munster
Bambu – Holes In My Soul - Feat. Faniks
Bambu – Rear View
Bambu – Open Door
Bambu – Soul Adventurer
Bambu – Conscious People
Bambu – Like The Sun
Bambu – Bambu Jam
Bambu – Roots
Bambu – Afternoon Tea
Bambu – Night Is On Fire
Bambu – Why Yo
Bambu – Crude Dub
Bambu – Somebody
Bastion – Suga
Benny Mao – Expat
Benny Mao – Uncertain
Benny Mao – Grayer Part Of Life
Benny Mao – Indebted
Benny Mao – Her Innocence
Benny Mao – Welcome Rain
Benny Mao – Angst
Benny Mao – Surreality
Benny Mao – Find A Reason
Benny Mao – Identity
Benny Mao – Don't You Worry
Benny Mao – Goodbye Shanghai
Big Phony – Beautiful The Freak
Big Phony – Holiday Bust
Big Phony – Parade In My Head
Big Phony – Push
Big Phony – Parable
Big Phony – The Last Day Of The Season
Big Phony – The Girl By The Bridge (Silent Film)
Big Phony – Everything-Always
Big Phony – Dying Unaware
Big Phony – Someone
Big Phony – Words That Define
Big Phony – Talk Of The Town
Big Phony – I Love Lucy
Big Phony – Girls Like You Don't Go For Guys Like Me
Big Phony – Proof By Name
Big Phony – The Bully
Big Phony – Here's To The Laughable State
Big Phony – Still No. 1
Big Phony – Fix Or Providence
Big Phony – How To Die
Big Phony – Fifteen Minutes
Big Phony – All In A Day (Studio Take)
Big Phony and The Sweet Hurt – So You Know It Completely
Blackalicious – A To G
Blackalicious – Clockwork
Blackalicious – Rock The Spot
Blackalicious – Back To The Essence
Blackalicious – Deception
Blackalicious – Alphabet Aerobics
Blackalicious – Blazing Arrow
Blackalicious – Sky Is Falling
Blackalicious – First In Flight
Blackalicious – Greenlight: Now Begin
Blackalicious – Green Light: Now Begin
Blackalicious – 4000 Miles
Blackalicious – Nowhere Fast
Blackalicious – It's Going Down
Blackalicious – Brain Washers
Blackalicious – Brain Washers Featuring Ben Harper
Blackalicious – Chemical Calisthenics
Blackalicious – Chemical Calisthenics Featuring Cut Chemist of Jurassic 5
Blackalicious – Aural Pleasure
Blackalicious – Purest Love
Blackalicious – Release
Blackalicious – Release Featuring Saul Williams, and Lyrics Born
Blackalicious – Day One
Blackalicious – World Of Vibrations
Blackalicious – Supreme People
Blackalicious – Rhythm Sticks
Blackalicious – Powers
Blackalicious – Your Move
Blackalicious – Lotus Flower
Blackalicious – My Pen And Pad
Blackalicious – Side To Side
Blackalicious – Automatique
Blackalicious – The Fall & Rise Of Elliot Brown
Blackalicious – Black Diamonds And Pearls
Blackalicious – Give It To You
Blackalicious – Ego Sonic War Drums
Blackalicious – The Craft
Blackalicious – The Fabulous Ones
Blackalicious – Do This My Way
Blackalicious – Deception
Blackalicious – A To G
Blackalicious – Cliff Hanger
Blackalicious – Shallow Days
Blackalicious – You Didn't Know That Though
Blackalicious – If I May
Blackalicious – Dream Seasons
Blackalicious – Trouble
Blackalicious – Smithsonian Institute Of Rhyme
Blackalicious – As The World Turns
Blackalicious – Reanimation
Blackalicious – Beyonder
Blackalicious – Making Progress
Blackalicious – Sleep
Blip Blip Bleep – Alarm Clock, Snooze Bar, Get Up
Blip Blip Bleep – Da Me Cinco
Blip Blip Bleep – Street Lights
Blip Blip Bleep – Okay Lover
Blip Blip Bleep – Human
Blip Blip Bleep – Ctrl - Alt - Del
Blip Blip Bleep – Rock - Intro
Blip Blip Bleep – Freak You Out
Blip Blip Bleep – Already Pretty
Blip Blip Bleep – Don't Forget
Blip Blip Bleep – Like Track Stars
Blip Blip Bleep – Broken String
Blip Blip Bleep – A Letter To Elise
Blip Blip Bleep – Rewrite The Scenes
Blip Blip Bleep – Rock - Reprise
Blip Blip Bleep – Freak You Out - Nic Hard Remix
Blip Blip Bleep – Rock - Shanghai Restoration Project Remix
Blip Blip Bleep – A Little While Longer
Blip Blip Bleep – Anime Eyes
Blip Blip Bleep – Wireless
Blip Blip Bleep – Rust In The Gears
Blip Blip Bleep – Stars
Blue Scholars – Cinemetropolis
Blue Scholars – Hussein
Blue Scholars – Fou Lee
Blue Scholars – Lalo Schifrin
Blue Scholars – Seijun Suzuki
Blue Scholars – Anna Karina
Blue Scholars – Marion Sunshine
Blue Scholars – Slick Watts
Blue Scholars – George Jackson
Blue Scholars – Oskar Barnack ∞ Oscar Grant
Blue Scholars – Yuri Kochiyama
Blue Scholars – Rani Mukerji
Blue Scholars – Tommy Chong
Blue Scholars – Chief Sealth
Blue Scholars – Fin
Blue Scholars – Fire For The People
Brian Hong – Musing
Brian Hong – Run
Brian Hong – Puzzle
Brian Hong – Hope
Brian Hong – For What It Is
Bruce Shimabukuro – Tokada
Bruno Mars – Grenade
Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are
Bruno Mars – Our First Time
Bruno Mars – Runaway Baby
Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song
Bruno Mars – Marry You
Bruno Mars – Talking To The Moon
Bruno Mars – Liquor Store Blues - feat. Damian Marley
Bruno Mars – Count On Me
Bruno Mars – The Other Side - Feat. Cee Lo Green and B.o.B
bwan – Intro
bwan – Intro
bwan – Wake The Fuck Up featuring BeatsMe
bwan – Wake The Fuck Up featuring BeatsMe
bwan – 09 Is Mine
bwan – 09 Is Mine
bwan – Golden Years featuring Denizen Kane
bwan – Golden Years featuring Denizen Kane
bwan – Go 2 Ur Head
bwan – Go 2 Ur Head
bwan – Beat Breaks Not Wives featuring DJ Delrokz
bwan – Beat Breaks Not Wives featuring DJ Delrokz
bwan – Liar Liar featuring Mandeep Sethi
bwan – Liar Liar featuring Mandeep Sethi
bwan – O.G. featuring Mr. Rey
bwan – O.G. featuring Mr. Rey
bwan – Hooked featuring Emassin & MC Humble
bwan – Hooked featuring Emassin & MC Humble
Carol Bui – Mira: You're Free With Me
Carol Bui – Before We're Vaporized
Carol Bui – Baladi
Carol Bui – 'geisha' Means 'Open-minded'
Carol Bui – Hafla/joy
Carol Bui – Hayati Inta
Carol Bui – Evy Reina
Carol Bui – Xoxo
Carol Bui – Highlights
Cate Song – Fear Song
Cate Song – Rest Of My Life
Cate Song – Image
Cate Song – As I Am
Cate Song – Love Is A Tricky Thing
Cate Song – When I Close My Eyes
Cate Song – Still
Cate Song – Won't You Help Me
Cathy Nguyen – Perfect (feat. Cathy Nguyen)
Ch'i – Mistaken (Alix Alvarez Remix)
Chan – Big In Japan - Feat. Reks
Chan – Chronic Whisper
Chan – Combat Zone
Chan – What It Is - Feat. Shuman & M-flo
Chan – Politickin' With Chan
Chan – Explosion - Feat. Akrobatik, C-rayz Walz & Breez Evahflowin'
Chan – Part Of The Nation
Chan – Set It Off
Chan – Part Of The Nation
Chan – Tick Talk
Chan – Clap Ya Hands - The Three-Mix, Feat: Akrobatik & Ripshop
Chan – What It Is - Feat: Shuman & M-flo
Chan – Hung Tu Lo
Chan – Minor Keys
Chan – No Regrets
Chan – Player Rage (Skit)
Chan – Ode To Chickens
Chan – My Little Corner
Chan – Breathe Deeply - Feat: Singapore
Chan – Radio Wars
Chan – I Feel Sorry For Your Mother
Chan – Shoutro
Chan – Big In Japan
Chan – Combat Zone
Chan – What It Is? - Feat: M-flo & Shuman
Chan – Part Of The Nation
Chan – Hung Tu Lo
Chan – No Regrets
Chan – My Little Corner
Chan – Radio Wars
Chan – I Feel Sorry For Your Mother
Chan – Get Up
Chan – Lonely Road
Chan – In-it-2-win-it - Feat: Rook & Natural
Chan – 4, 5, 6. - Feat: Prophecy & Tiago
Chan – Street Legends Feat: Singapore Kane
Chan – Leave You Feat: Christina Chung
Chan – Leave You Feat: Christina Chung
Chan – Vengeance - Feat: Gza, Jus Allah, And Bomshot
Charice – And I Am Telling You (I'm Not Going)
Charice – Pyramid - Featuring Iyaz Album Version
Charice – It Can Only Get Better
Charice – Reset
Charice – I Will Always Love You
Charice – In This Song
Charice – Born To Love You Forever
Charice – Nobody's Singin' To Me
Charice – I Have Nothing
Charice – Thank You
Charice – Mama
Charice – I Love You
Charice – And I Am Telling You (I'm Not Going) [Minus One]
Charice – In Love So Deep
Charice – All That I Need To Survive
Charice – Nothing
Charice – The Truth Is
Charice – Did It For You
Charice – Mama [Minus One]
Charice – Louder
Charice – Lost The Best Thing
Charice – Note To God
Charice – One Day
Charice – Pyramid - Barry Harris Club
Chester See – Invisible
Chester See – Living the Good Life
Chester See – Who Will Be Our Superhero
Chester See – Love Is Now
Chester See – So Goodbye (This Time Lies Won't Explain)
Chester See – Baby Come Home
Chester See – High
Chester See – My Time Has Come (Live)
Chester See – Tonight I Know
Chester See – This Song
Chester See – Under My Breath
Chester See – Hold On
Chester See – Everything
Chester See – Why Won't You Smile
Chester See, Kevjumba & Ryan Higa – Nice Guys
The Chinkees – Signature
The Chinkees – Big World
The Chinkees – Run Away
The Chinkees – Crowded Forum
The Chinkees – Trophy Winner
The Chinkees – Breathe Out The Fight
The Chinkees – Ultraman
The Chinkees – Justice
The Chinkees – Christmas
The Chinkees – T.J. Song
The Chinkees – Japanese Exchange Student
The Chinkees – The Purpose Of Education
The Chinkees – Through My Heart
The Chinkees – Back To Drive
The Chinkees – San Toki
The Chinkees – Will I Have A Chance?
The Chinkees – Clouding Up My Storm
The Chinkees – 1980's Drowning Me
The Chinkees – Heart + Me
The Chinkees – Run For Help
The Chinkees – Present Day Memories
The Chinkees – Noise Around
The Chinkees – Market Place

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