Friday, September 28, 2012

Fab images from the comics exhibitions I curated for @MoCANYC: MARVELS & MONSTERS and ALT.COMICS!

ALT.COMICS features amazing never-before-seen artwork from Gene Yang, Derek Kirk Kim, GB Tran, Jason Shiga and many other incredible graphic novel talents — plus original art from SHATTERED, the next SECRET IDENTITIES joint, due out in early November;

MARVELS & MONSTERS brings the show I originally curated for NYU A/P/A Institute to life in a brand new space, featuring nearly half a century of Asian images in U.S. comics, courtesy of William F. Wu's staggering collection!

Go see 'em! Shows will be up through February, so not having time is not an excuse....

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Wonder what it's like for the First Family backstage during the President's big #DNC closing speech? First Sibling Maya Soetero-Ng tells all!!

A few days after the festivities, Maya Soetero-Ng, President Barack Obama's half-sister, was kind enough to share a quick Q&A look behind the scenes at the president's big event!


What exactly is happening before you guys come on stage? Are you in the audience, or standing in the wings — and what does it feel like to step out with the whole arena cheering at the top of their lungs?

We were sitting in the front with my family and the Biden family. We then went backstage and watched the last part of my brother's speech. There were a lot of people backstage — campaign staff, convention staff, White House staff, Secret Service agents — and us. I was feeling excitement and pride when my husband and I joined everyone on stage. I wished that our mom was alive; she would have been so proud.

Is the president ever nervous before he speaks? If he is, do you know what he does to calm down prior to talking? 

He never really gets nervous — he's always confident in his abilities, even when we face off against each other over a Scrabble board.

Where were your kids? Did they come on stage too, or were they in bed?

Our children were with their grandparents. Our youngest daughter was asleep and our oldest daughter watched and wondered why we were not standing up front with the President. I like hanging back and being behind!

What did you guys go do after "the show"? Did you get the chance to spend some time together as an (extended) family, or was it a long night of working and media stuff?

After a sip of celebratory champagne and fist bumps, my husband and I fell asleep.

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Doodled this while in Chinese class. (Yes, I'm taking Chinese classes.) #pinyinjokes

Mandarin 101 required to get this one.


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