Sunday, September 27, 2009

FUNDRAISER/RALLY FOR JOHN LIU: 5-7 pm TODAY at Papoo's 55 Broadway & Exchange Alley--Come support New York's future first citywide Asian American official!

I know it's been a difficult economy for everyone, but it's also been a phenomenal year for Asian American candidates in politics. Here's your chance to join together with fellow members of the community in showing support for John Liu, our candidate for New York City Comptroller—a critical position in a critical time for city finances, which needs to be filled with someone committed, competent and willing to fight for issues that matter to us.

Suggested contribution is $25, but anything you can give is welcome. Bring friends, family and children—and even if you can't give much (or anything), come out to show solidarity and support.

We know it's short notice, but spontaneity is good—and with the election days away, getting together and doing what we can is essential.

I'll be there, with family in tow—hope to see you there too!

For more information, call Alex Lee (the primary organizer of this event) at 917-363-7283. Or check out John's website at:

A contribution form is attached here, in case you want to fill it out and bring it to the event. If you can't make it to the event, consider donating anyway by mail.

For those driving in, there is a parking lot about a block and a half from Papoo's—Battery Parking Garage on Greenwich St. (at Edgar St.).  Via subway, the nearest stations are Wall Street (4 & 5 trains), Rector Street (1, R & W lines) and Wall Street (2 & 3 trains).

See you there!

Note: The primary/general election contribution rules have a $4,950.00 maximum for individuals. City elections are not allowed to accept corporate contributions so all contributions must come via individuals (personal checks). The limits for the primary and the general election are one and the same, so if you've maxed out your contribution in the primary, you cannot contribute more towards the general election. However, the run-off election is considered separate (as it was unanticipated) and has its own limits—it's basically half that of the primary/general election: $2,475.00 (50% of $4,950.00) -- so if you maxed out in the primary/general election, you can still contribute up to $2,475. 

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