Thursday, December 31, 2009

Maybe Rush Limbaugh was brought down by these?: Spam-flavored macadamia nuts! Only in Hawaii...

(credit: The Tasty Island, via John Book)

This goes straight to the top of horrifying but can't-look-away food creations of 2009. Hawaii, as you probably know, is the (non-email) Spam capital of the United States; they've created an entire subcuisine around the potted pork product. And I must admit to enjoying Spam musubi now and again myself. But Spam-flavored nuts? (SFX: gentle gagging / throwing up in mouth)

I have this theory that the use of meat as a condiment is one of the more obvious signs of our coming apocalypse. Between bulgogi hot dogs, pastrami hamburgers, bacon everything, and now this, maybe those ancient Mayans were onto something....


(note: Love the Spamnuts musubi concept! Very pomo.)

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