Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Yorkers: GET OUT AND VOTE IN TODAY'S RUNOFF! We're poised on the edge of history; make John Liu the first-ever APA citywide official in NYC!

Recent polls have shown that John, who had a huge lead over his runoff opponent David Yassky after the primaries, holding that lead up, to the tune of around 49% to 43%—results which like most polls probably undercount the Asian American vote. But let's not take that for granted. This is our first, best opportunity to break through centuries of history in this city, where more than one in 10 residents are Asian American but no member of our community has ever been elected to a citywide elected office. John was New York City's first Asian American elected representative, and paved the way for others to follow—like the staggering three city councilmembers who are poised to win victories this November. 

But don't vote for him because he's Asian American. Vote for him because he's qualified, hard-working, committed to equality and fairness, and capable of making a real difference—and so are you. Despite John's lead, anything can happen in a runoff, so every vote counts. Take the time to vote today

Polls are open now, until 9:00 PM tonight. Find your poll site at http://www.liunewyork.com/my-poll-site and exercise your right and duty as an American. (NOTE: In case you're wondering, if you're an eligible voter in the city of New York, you can vote in today's runoff even if you didn't vote in the primaries. VOTE.)

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