Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Surprised it took this long for the veneer to peel off: Tea Party leader goes "full racist" on A360

Here's the amazing thing: right-wing radio host Mark Williams, head of Tea Party Express, begins by distancing himself from the "fringe" of his movement that's using racist, inflammatory language in signs and chants, calling them no more the core of the Tea Party phenomenon than "nipple-clamp wearing, feather boa draped hippies in San Francisco" (uh, mixed metaphor maybe?).

Then Anderson Cooper drops a brick on the guy, noting that on his blog, Williams refers to Obama as an "Indonesian Muslim Welfare Thug." (The blog has plenty of other very ripe phrases for the president, not to mention Asians, Muslims and immigrants in general. You can find it standing at the intersection of Vile and Stupid. Or click here, if you really have to.)

And that's when the mask cracks in full. Williams not only proudly embraces his words, but reaffirms them on air, to the amusement of James Carville and the shock of David Gergen, who was clearly expecting Williams to keep walking his hate back behind a safe white sheet.

Really, it's time to stop pretending that Obama's race isn't fundamental to the outrageous behavior of the Tea Party crowd, which includes both the small mobs making up the movement and its enablers in the media (Beck, Hannity, et al.) and in politics (Bachmann, De Mint, Chambliss, Armey, et. many al.s)

Watch for yourself:

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