Thursday, January 14, 2010

My post-CES San Francisco Chronicle column this week: How the gadget balance of power shifted from Japan to Korea -- and why China's next

The big story at CES this year? The sheer obviousness of the seismic shift that has occurred in consumer electronics -- as Korea has supplanted Japan as the prime source for sexy tech, with China meerkatting up and looking around in preparation for a mad dash to the top. Big ups to the awesome N'gai Croal (late of Newsweek and now proprietor of the consulting firm Hit Detection), Best Buy's senior director of trends Jin Chang, CEA chief economist Shawn DuBrovic, Hisense director of multiimedia products Stone Zhang, and, as always, the ever-brilliant Andrew Lih for their insights here. 

That's the subject of my San Francisco Chronicle column this week on the show -- worth reading, or at least I hope. And follow along on this blog for the rest of my post-CES musings and product picks!


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