Monday, May 10, 2010

Relieving the backlog of recent ASIAN POP columns: REMAKING THE GODS, on Greg Pak, godmaker

Globe-trotting travel, and all of the annoyances leading up to globe-trotting travel (e.g., getting visas, dealing with passport trolls), have had me squonked for the past month, so I'm late, late, late in posting a few of my recent columns to the ol' blog. Here's the first — an interview I've been wanting to do for a while, with an old friend and a creative role model of mine, Greg Pak. The trigger for writing this? The revelation that Greg's coolest character creation, boy genius Amadeus Cho, is finally getting his own title — albeit briefly. With an epic story arc coming to a close in Greg and Fred Van Lente's INCREDIBLE HERCULES — one that ends with the demigod a little worse for the wear, as in dead-ish — his friend and partner Cho ascends to the vacant role of Prince of Power, in the miniseries THE HEROIC AGE: PRINCE OF POWER. Anyway, even as Greece suffers the comeuppance of its fiscal hubris, Greg talks about gods and heroes and why the pantheon of the future might look a little more like the rest of us. Read on!

ASIAN POP: Remaking the gods
By Jeff Yang, Special to SF Gate
Thursday, April 22, 2010
In writer Greg Pak's latest comic book series, god -- one of them, anyway -- is dead, and a Korean American teen must take his place.

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