Wednesday, September 30, 2009

HE WINS! John Liu (all but officially) is New York's next City Comptroller!

Here's NY1's writeup...the New York Times...the Daily News...the New York Post!

Bottom line:
Come this November (there's the formality of a general election still), we'll have the first Asian American citywide official to be elected in the city of New York! Congratulations to everyone who showed their support in this historic race!

Liu's statement to NY1: "We were taught that the inherent promise of this great city and country, that if you work hard, meet your obligations, recognize the social responsibility that belongs to each of us that you will have every opportunity to do better for yourself and your family and this certainly is the lesson that I've learned tonight."

The unofficial tally has it as 55.68% Liu, 44.32% Yassky--a substantial victory, and significantly higher than the Quinnipiac polls showed (running at 49% to 43% as of Sunday), showing how the Asian American vote made a tremendous difference in a low-turnout runoff. We can make a difference. We did. And this is just the beginning.

(photo album: Scenes from the victory celebration at United Teachers Federation headquarters at 52 Broadway)

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