Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Got asked to contrib a Salon piece I wrote to a new anthol on Sarah Palin coming from OR Books; they have a really novel biz model

They're publishing to e-book and print-on-demand, globally and multilingually, all at once. By cutting out the middlemen (from distributors to wholesalers to bookstores) and selling directly to consumers, they intend to amp up the promotion budgets for titles to $40-$50K a piece. (No clue what their advances are to authors. Presumably, smaller than trad houses, but I know a lot of authors who'd exchange some advance money for bigger promo...)

But will consumers bite? Would love to think so. The publishing industry as it currently stands is a total disaster.

Check out their website for more details: OR Books

And don't miss Cory Doctorow's post on OR at the Boing.

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