Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Techwrecks V: Windows Mobile 6.5 arrives to catcalls and fart noises from reviewers and users all around

Wow. I don't think I've seen as nasty (in many cases, begrudgingly nasty) a set of reviews for an OS since...oh, that's right: Windows Vista.

A selection from a vast buffet of hate-o-grams for Microsoft's newest attempt to take on the mobile handset.





So what's with Microsoft, anyway? Is it really that difficult to roll out a halfway-adequate mobile OS with an interface that doesn't make you want to throw it on the ground? Apple's done it. Palm's done it. Google's done it. Even Symbian is a sexy beast compared to the trainwreck that is WinMo (or is it WinPho?).

MS's ridiculous obsession with preserving paradigms across platforms (Start much?) and its refusal to integrate with other people's pretty, pretty baubles (e.g., no out of the box support for Google Apps, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, etc.) are an anchor around the company's neck. Bottom line: It's so used to being a monopoly that it's completely handicapped when it has to compete in areas where it's not.

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