Wednesday, September 30, 2009

According to Vanity Fair and CBS/60 Minutes' utterly random poll: Americans think Wal-Mart = America and Twitter is a fad.

Vanity Fair and Sunday night CBS staple 60 Minutes have inaugurated a new series of polls they're calling “a monthly survey of the American consciousness.” Lord knows how long they're planning on doing this or where they're going with it, but the questions seem to have been hand-picked by monkeys on meth, which might also describe the first survey's 1000+ respondents. 

Either way, be aware that 48% chose Wal-Mart as the symbol that “best symbolizes America today." 51% think Twitter is a fad that will fade. And men want to be George Clooney and women want to be Michelle Obama. Here's a video of "analysis" of this meme casserole.

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