Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Techwrecks, Part III: Apple says 30% dropped call rate is "normal" for AT&T service in NYC, muthafuthas

This explains a helluva lot. I’ve recently moved over to iPhone, at first begrudgingly (love Apple but like to type on keyboards) and now delightedly. But my call stability has plummeted since switching from Sprint’s “now network” to AT&T’s “more bars” nightmare. The fact is, you get your bars, but the bars have no relationship to actual coverage--and even if you can connect, you have a nearly 1 in 3 chance of losing your call somewhere in mid-chatter.  

Is there any other major consumer service where a 30% failure rate is considered acceptable? Seriously! And AT&T's solution ask us all to buy $150 femtocells to enhance the coverage they claim is the best and fastest in the nation. Cue the class action lawsuit

I’m not alone here: people love the ass off the iPhone but think AT&T is very nearly a dealbreaker. It’s the weirdest dysfunctional partnership in business right now. At some point, the balance between Apple buffing AT&T’s brand and AT&T tanking Apple’s brand has to shift, doesn’t it?

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