Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chambliss (R-GA) wants economic stimulus...for AFGHANISTAN. Bush established single-payer healthcare...in IRAQ. Why does the Right hate AMERICA??

This is almost too crazy for words. Sen. Saxby Chambliss—the same guy who made racially tinged remarks about Obama needing to "show some humility" before Congress; the guy who faked a "bum knee" to dodge the draft during Vietnam, then ran abhorrent ads questioning the patriotism of Vietnam vet and triple amputee Max Cleland and accusing him of siding with Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden against the U.S.—has now come out for massive economic aid to Afghanistan to stimulate and rebuild their economy.

Yes. The same guy who frothingly ranted against the bill to stimulate and rebuild our economy is now pleading the case for needy Afghans. (It's worth noting that the hypocrisy doesn't end there: Once the bill passed, Chambliss and his fellow GA senator Isakson were among the many GOP politicos who held out the hat, demanding $50 million of the funds for their own state's pet projects.

But the Chambliss ludicrousness is just the half of it. I'm not sure how I missed this before, but as HuffPo's Mark Dorlester noted, the Iraqi constitution—which we imposed by force on the country, after invading under what everyone now accepts were false pretenses, actually guarantees healthcare as a right to all Iraqis, provided by the government:

Article 31 of the Iraqi Constitution, drafted by your right-wing Bushies in 2005 and ratified by the Iraqi people, includes state-guaranteed (single payer) healthcare for life for every Iraqi citizen. 

Article 31 reads:  "First: Every citizen has the right to health care. The State shall maintain public health and provide the means of prevention and treatment by building different types of hospitals and health institutions.  Second: Individuals and entities have the right to build hospitals, clinics,or private health care centers under the supervision of the State, and this shall be regulated by law."  There are other health care guarantees, including special provisions for children, the elderly, and the handicapped elsewhere in the 43-page document. 

Under force of arms, President Bush imposed his particular idea of democracy on a people not asking for it - perhaps a noble undertaking in one context and a criminal violation of international law in another. Bush's followers are proud of the Iraqi Constitution, a model for the world, they told us. 

So, according to the American political right-wing, government-guaranteed health care is good for Iraqis, but not good for us. Not good for you. They decry even a limited public option for you, but gleefully imposed upon the Iraqis what they label here as "socialism," with much Democratic Party member support.  

And note: When Dorlester says "single-payer," the single payer is us—the American taxpayer. Billions to subjugate, indoctrinate and remold societies abroad, but not one cent for our own sick and needy—that's the GOP's bottom line.

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