Monday, December 07, 2009

The solution to this whole healthcare reform debacle? GIVE PEOPLE THE OPTION OF BUYING INTO MEDICARE AT *ANY* AGE.

Why is this the answer?

1. IT'S A POLITICAL DAGGER. The GOP has been hypocritically building a fortress around Medicare cuts, even though they fought against its creation and still continue to attack "government run" healthcare out of the other sides of their mouths. So how could they attack a policy shift that allows younger American citizens to *support* Medicare by including their likely healthier selves into the Medicare risk pool and paying in a steady stream of premiums? 

2. IT ELIMINATES ATTACKS REGARDING CREATING A "HUGE NEW HEALTHCARE BUREAUCRACY". You're working with a system and an infrastructure that already exists. Yes, it'll get bigger--but you're not inventing anything new.

3. IT BENDS THE COST CURVE LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS. Medicare has more buying power and greater efficiency than the best private insurance. And heck, Medicare rates are 5% better, obviously, than "Medicare + 5" (the "robust public option". You'd have to find ways to support providers in rural areas and build in more preventive care of course.

This is fiscally prudent for the nation--addressing one of the biggest cost problems we face down the road. It helps seniors by strengthening Medicare. And it gives everyone a *real* public option to buy into if they can't afford a private policy.

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