Monday, November 02, 2009

Macy's ad in today's Philadelphia Inquirer: Congratulations Phillies! Back-to-back champs! (via @iconogeorge)

(hat-tip to my Iconoculture colleague George Ward)

Someone over at Macy's in Philadelphia is doubling down on the we'll-win-this-thing-through-sheer-confidence sweepstakes. Or maybe the "magic of Macy's" has propelled us into a parallel world where the Phils aren't down 3-1 going into tonight's climactic Game 5? 

That said, Cliff Lee has pitched out of his mind, and there's plenty of baseball to be played. (What'll I do without it?) But I believe in A.J. and his lack of creepy facial hair. And some bats are overdue to sing, so let it be a chorus of bombs courtesy of the Bronx tonight...I'm lookin' at you Teixeira/ARod/Cano!


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