Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Techwrecks VIII: More Microsoft "viral" video—"LOL MOBIL APPS AR TEH SUX"

Listen, Microsoft. There are some things you do well. Or at least adequately. But there are a lot of things you do that verge on mediocre, and an unfortunate number that simply eat dong. Many of the latter involve trying to be funny. You are a giant robot behemoth with world-crushing ambitions. When you try to make a ha-ha, it frightens little kids. Also, you do not have, how you say, the sense of humor.

I suspect this video is meant to mock Apple's App Store offerings (many of which are, indeed, moronic, though many of the moronic ones are free—thus, caveat emptor, muthafatha). But what does Windows Mobile Marketplace have to offer that's any better? And have you used some of the truly insanely amazing—and free—stuff that's available for the iPhone, boners? Seriously. Yelp Monocle is mindblowing. The Zillow app is fantastic, if you own real estate. (Or, given current market conditions...really depressing.)

Come back when you have a few thousand apps you can brag about—then throw down the parody gauntlet, 'kay, MSFT?

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