Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Techstasy: Barnes & Noble unveils the Nook, a Nintendo DS for literary big kids

I have zero need for an e-book reader. I own a hacked MSI Wind U100 netbook (running Mac OS X!) that essentially does everything the Kindle does at a lower price, except, you know, it's actually a real computer. (WhisperNet is cool, but WiFi is everywhere and I also have a jailbroken iPhone that tethers.) (Apple/AT&T, please don't hate.)

However, I am sorely tempted as I look at the sleek form of B&N's new Nook e-reader. The dual screen is foxy. The Cover-Flow-esque interface looks delicious. 

I suspect that it’s going to be crushed by whatever iPhone Giga tablet Apple rolls out in the next six months, but it’s still truly sweet. And I’m tempted. I’m really, really tempted.

Nook Demo:

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