Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Some of you will love this cuz it's the best ad for the public option EVER. Some will love it cuz it features Heather Graham jogging. offers up this absolutely brilliant ad called "Track Meet" explaining that the public option (in the form of Heather Graham, looking hot...and flexible) is there to provide competition for bloated, consumer-abusive insurance companies who've fattened themselves on markets protected by antitrust waivers. The ad aptly demonstrates how the public option would move those self-satisfied lard-asses to start offering good service at fair prices...or be outrun and outgunned by a hot blonde. Er, by the for-the-people public option. By emphasizing that this is about fostering competition, not taking over the system, it makes the strongest and best case for the PO available. Other countries have shown how private companies can still do very well by competing on service and product diversity, offering upgraded, gap and enhanced insurance offerings even when a public option is available. Why is America so afraid of making healthcare competitive

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