Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Indian Americans flexing political muscle—and raising serious dough from fellow desis

This is a big deal. Like other Asian Americans, Indian American children of immigrants have been pressured to get educated and find employment in safe and secure professions —law, engineering, medicine. But coming from an ancestral culture where politics is like oxygen, the step from, say, pediatrician to running for Congress is somewhat less wrenching than for many other Asian ethnicities.

That's why it makes sense that so many Indian Americans are now running for public office at all levels, from city council to Congress to (choke) governor—in most cases running damn competitive races (bolstered by incredible fundraising clout from "uncles" and "aunties" in their communities) and in more cases than you'd guess, winning. Congressional Quarterly has an article up now talking about the phenomenon. It's worth a read. Special props should go out to Raj Goyle, a two time Democratic state legislator running uphill in a conservative Kansas district (I'm pretty sure I met him at Asia Society's Asia21 summit in Japan!), and Manan Trivedi, a physician and Iraq War vet running as a Democrat in Pennsylvania (who happens to be the cousin of Sepia Mutiny's illustrious Abhi Tripathi). Both are great candidates. Worth your notice—and support.

Check out Trivedi's "Why I'm running" video here:

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