Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009: Cops 'n' Robbers

So, after a few variations on this theme, we settled on a both-sides-of-the-law motif for Halloween 2009 Chez Yang. Got the prisoner jumpsuit and the policeman's jacket from a Halloween City closeout box for $9.99 each; Skyler's clothes are just some clothes he happened to have (and he's wearing a Secret Identities mask!). Heather was originally intended for the beat-cop outfit, but she was exhausted after work, and my mom was a good sport. Actually, she loved it. It was the first time she'd ever dressed up for Halloween, and she was surprisingly convincing as a cop: People kept asking her for directions. At least she didn't have to break up any fights. Oh, yes: An actual lady cop wanted to pose with her for a photo, so we obliged.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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