Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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8:54—Jeff Yang: Nancy just bunged the old Donkey Kong hammer to call the peanut gallery to order...

8:55—Jeff Yang: Wolf Blitzer: "He's not going to have a chastened attitude like Clinton was..." Well, the Dems didn't lose either house of Congress, and Obama hasn't stained any dresses, so...

8:58—Jeff Yang: I'd cheer for her too. I'm cheering for her pearls. Ohh...

8:58—[Comment From S. Birdie]: Peanut Gallery...sad but true....

8:58—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: A lot of cheering for Justice Sotomayor and the First Lady.

8:58—Jeff Yang: I can't help it, I'm a dead sucker for Lady Numero Uno.

9:00—Jeff Yang: The GOP has promised not to throw shoes tonight.

9:00—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: * snaps * to Secretary Chu.

9:02—Jeff Yang: I'm surprised they're not having Scott Brown deliver the GOP response...

9:04—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: Better than Bobby Jindal right?

9:04—Jeff Yang: That's a mighty low bar to be setting, Erin...

9:04—[Comment From S. Birdie]: Have they promised to not shout back at the President in the middle of his speech? *crickets*

9:04—Jeff Yang: Yeah, if we can keep the GOP from delivering their response DURING the speech, we're probably ahead here

9:05—Jeff Yang: GSteph apparently said over on ABC that Michelle's purple dress is a "centrist gesture." UGH

9:06—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: Lol it was a joke Jeff.

9:06—Jeff Yang: Heh, I know, Erin :) AND IT BEGINS!

9:07—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: They're starting super late btw...and I wish this feed was a little bit faster.

9:07—[Comment From S. Birdie]: This is why I'm watching this on C-SPAN

9:07—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: Wow, GSteph really said that? I just think that any woman on the Hill wears bright colors and stands out from the sea of black and blue suits.

9:07—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: P.S. First Lady's guestlist for SOTU is very interesting, a lot of young folks (like 18 years old).

9:08—Jeff Yang: Well, Harry Reid's wearing a purple tie, too. That better not represent surrender, Harry.

9:09—Jeff Yang: I can't get over how much Chief Justice Roberts reminds me of Gary Sinise, circa Forrest Gump.

9:09—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: @Jeff Yang. Reid's vying for support from a lot of AAPIs btw.

9:09—Jeff Yang: @Erin: Do we like purple? :)

9:09—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: Actually there's a LOT of purple the women are wearing up there (Michelle). Very interesting 'show of bi-partisanship' I don't like purple much, I just think it's interesting that folks pointed it out.

9:10—Jeff Yang: And Madame Speaker's in lavender, and Joe has a purple tie too. this related to Obama speaking out against DADT maybe?

9:10—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: @Jeff Yang. Actually come to think of it, Pelosi is wearing purple too...interesting coordination isn't it?

9:11—[Comment From S. Birdie]: Okay enough with the clapping. On with the speech!

9:11—Jeff Yang: On the right side of the aisle, the clapping does not match the facial expressions.

9:12—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: @ Jeff Yang. Those were my first thoughts initially, before you mentioned the blue+red party thing.

9:14—[Comment From S. Birdie]: I wondering how many Republicans will get caught paying more attention to the blackberries than actually paying attention to the speech this time?

9:15—Jeff Yang: Obama comes out hard and dark. This is going to have to turn tight to be an uplifty speech.

9:15—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: @ S. Birdie. Trust me last year in Congress during floor speeches there would be members (of both parties) that bring their iPhones/BlackBerries to the floor while they spoke, I wouldn't be surprised.

9:17—Jeff Yang: Okay, the turn to hope. and a standing O. Let's hope that's not sarcastic applause on the right there.

9:17—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: @ Jeff Yang. I heard that his speech was supposed to be slightly apologetic, but 'not that he was the one to blame, but one to take the responsibility'..think it was in the NYT. Yes, hard to sound 'uplifty' like his other speeches.

9:18—Jeff Yang: He's trying, though. Yeah, we'd like a gov't that matches our decency. Or maybe one that just gets off its ass and enacts some of the agenda we voted it in for? I'm looking at you, Senate.

9:18—Jeff Yang: Is that what unifies us as a nation? Hatred of the bank bailout?

9:18—Jeff Yang: Goldman Sachs loved it!

9:19—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: Wow he just admitted to hating the bank bailout!

9:19—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: He wants to admit mistakes that were made?

9:19—[Comment From S. Birdie]: So did JP Morgan Chase!

9:20—Jeff Yang: Here's his clawback on the banks proposal.

9:20—Jeff Yang: I wanna hear some numbers. And some hard regulatory proposals.

9:21—Jeff Yang: The Republicans don't seem to be applauding, as the Prez notes :)

9:22—Jeff Yang: Love that reaction shot on the right...

9:22—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: Cutting taxes

9:22—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: I thought some Republicans clapped when he mentioned cutting taxes.

9:22—Jeff Yang: I think he thought he'd get a little more enthusiasm from the drown-the-govt-in-a-bathtub crowd

9:23—Jeff Yang: Ah, the stimulus bill. Not, apparently, a bipartisan love fest for that one...

9:23—[Comment From S. Birdie]: I would like to hear about more jobs concerning infrastructure (sp?)

9:24—Jeff Yang: Problem with the stimulus: The states took a lot of the money to pay for stuff they couldn't afford because of their own mismanagement. And too much of it was tax cuts, rather than spending.

9:25—Jeff Yang: Jobs...our number one focus! New jobs bill tonight!

9:25—Jeff Yang: To be honest, when he said "Jobs," I thought he was about to trot Steve out to introduce the iPad 2.0. Now that might get some applause...

9:25—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: Yay jobs bill! Hm..wonder how immigration reform will fit into this.

9:25—[Comment From S. Birdie]: Jobs Bill, hopefully he goes into detail about it

9:26—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: P.S. There's a White House Conference call with immigrant rights leaders on the SOTU tomorrow night to talk about how it immigrant rights fits into the mix.

9:26—Jeff Yang: I'm worried that immigration is going to get caught in the populist crossfire. When people focus on "jobs," and then hear "immigrants," they think, "that's why we're losing jobs."

9:26—[Comment From S. Birdie]: OT: iPad just looks like a very large iPhone/Kindle combo. I have no use for that.

9:27—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: Side comment: Hmm...Obama's tie looks red and what other stripey color?

9:27—Jeff Yang: ObamaTie: Red and kind of a sizzling whitey-pink

9:27—Jeff Yang: Tax cuts! Everybody dance

9:27—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: @Jeff Yang. Right, I know, that's why folks need myths dispelled to show how immigrants actually contribute to the economy, it's an investment. Look at Silicon Valley for example...there are some of your AAPI folks.

9:28—Jeff Yang: "Yeah, why can't we have the fastest trains?" That's what Amtrak Joe is thinking

9:28—[Comment From S. Birdie]: He should have said "new plants in the U.S."

9:29—Jeff Yang: So far, this sounds like rebates and tax cuts...what about investment?

9:29—[Comment From S. Birdie]: I would love high speed rail in the Midwest (I live in Wisconsin)

9:29—Jeff Yang: @S Birdie: Milwaukee? Madison?

9:30—Jeff Yang: Okay, here's where the investment part comes in? Please? Education maybe?

9:30—[Comment From S. Birdie]: Milwaukee

9:30—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: I'm afraid when I hear "American" jobs that outsourcing gets all mixed up with immigrant rights and then there's a ton of anti-immigrant sentiment.

9:31—Jeff Yang: @Erin yeah, me too. Especially now that (ulp) we own much of the auto industry.

9:31—Jeff Yang: The domestic auto industry.

9:32—Jeff Yang: Obama's setting us up against China and India--kind of playing a jingo card here...not sure I like it.

9:32—[Comment From A. Wan]: well, there's your education

9:32—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: Oh crap, here's comes CHINA AND INDIA.

9:32—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: Model minority myth ....

9:32—Jeff Yang: @Erin: Yup.

9:33—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: There go TOYOTA lemons.

9:33—[Comment From S. Birdie]: Financial reform: SILENCE wow

9:33—[Comment From Gina C.]: Trains! more railways, yes... it's about time... I do want to see more investments in our country's infrastructure. Amtrak.. not a huge fan, way too expensive. We need more options.

9:33—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: wonders what Kalpen would say right now...

9:33—Jeff Yang: @Erin, heh

9:34—[Comment From S. Birdie]: What's his definition of "real Financial reform"?

9:35—Jeff Yang: @Birdie Good question. Organic, free-range financial reform? Not from concentrate?

9:35—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: Hey Jeff, the Executive Order on the White House Commission for AAPIs was a good speech...I just wonder how we're going to connection transnational politics/international policy/foreign affairs without going Wen Ho Lee on AAPI folks.

9:36—Jeff Yang: @Erin Seriously, one of the biggest tensions we face as AAPIs right now is the pivot from multiculturalism to globalism, and how that changes the dynamics in our communities.

9:36—[Comment From S. Birdie]: free range financial reform is what got us in this mess

9:36—Jeff Yang: @Birdie: LOL

9:37—Jeff Yang: I know there are some who disagree with the OVERWHELMING SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE. Nice way to put it :)

9:37—Jeff Yang: But then, it's back to USA USA USA again. I guess that's what the red-meat guys need to hear.

9:37—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: Okay so jobs, financial reform,'s 9:38PM right now (the speech is supposed to be over an hour), and I don't think I'm going to hear the word "immigrant" once, unless Joe Wilson is saying something racist.

9:37—[Comment From Keith Chow]: is it me, or does obama seem a little snarky tonight?

9:38—Jeff Yang: @Keith: He needs MORE SNARK. He needs to go full snark ahead on these toolboxes.

9:38—Jeff Yang: Snark is a renewable resource. It's sustainable.

9:39—Jeff Yang: The "free trade equals U.S. jobs" thing seems to be confusing the caucus.

9:39—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: California solar panels?...hmm sounds better than the nuclear power plant idea that was thrown around in CA State Senate last year. Now if only the CA legislature could get their act together...

9:40—Jeff Yang: We broke through the stalemate between left and right? News to me.

9:40—Jeff Yang: I don't think we've even broken through the stalemate between left and left.

9:40—[Comment From S. Birdie]: That's like asking the U.S. Senate to act like adults Erin...

9:41—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: education yay...why does it always end up sounding like model minority myth when folks talk about it?

9:41—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: @ S. Birdie - LOL for real...

9:42—Jeff Yang: No more subsidies to banks for student loans. $10K tax credit for tuition. Double dip! Banks suck, give money to families!

9:42—Jeff Yang: In the United States of America, no one should go broke because they decided to go to college. Or because they got sick. Or were fired when their jobs moved overseas....

9:42—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: Hooray for SAFRA! I do public service, count me in Obama.

9:43—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: P.S. Frank Chong (former President of Laney College) is in Dept. of Education for helping community colleges.

9:43—[Comment From Keith Chow]: can i get my student loan debt forgiven too? is this policy retroactive?


9:44—Jeff Yang: But still...HEALTH INSURANCE reform, not HEALTHCARE???

9:44—Jeff Yang: "Let's clear a few things up..."

9:44—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: @Jeff Yang. Idealistic rhetoric right? We gotta instill hope after the 'dark' language you spoke of earlier that he opened with.

9:44—[Comment From Keith Chow]: what channel are you watching?

9:44—[Comment From Keith Chow]: you're like a good 45 secs ahead of me dude

9:45—Jeff Yang: @Keith: CNN, man. CSPAN good too.

9:45—Jeff Yang: Maybe you have some kind of profanity delay on your channel?

9:45—[Comment From S. Birdie]: I really wish he'd stop with the Asian country model of education comparison. I realize that math and science is important but I wish he would emphasize a more balanced approach.

9:45—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: C-SPAN? What's faster bc I think even the NYT's feed is faster.

9:46—Jeff Yang: Hat tip to Michelle, why isn't she smiling? She doesn't want the attention?

9:46—Jeff Yang: "She gets embarrassed..." :)

9:46—[Comment From Keith Chow]: nevermind, my DVR was 30 secs behind the live feed

9:46—[Comment From S. Birdie]: LOL at Mrs. Obama not wanting to stand up

9:46—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: * snaps * to S. Birdie, I concur. That's why I mentioned MMM (Model Minority Myth yet again...)...this whole paradigm.

9:46—Jeff Yang: SLIDE HARD, O. Yes, HCR will REDUCE the budget deficit!

9:47—Jeff Yang: And here he is, taking his lumps. But put that behind, hammer it out right now loud and clear: GET THIS DONE.

9:47—Jeff Yang: I will not walk away from these Americans, and neither should the people in this chamber, and look, the 'Pubs rise too!

9:48—Jeff Yang: As you said, Keith--the snark flag is on :)

9:48—[Comment From kevin cheung]: i think the education system needs to change to more of an individual track based and more on charter like schools

9:48—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: lobbying and horsetrading..what everybody seems to hate. If you're a broke nonprofit representing nonprofits, how are we 'bad' lobbyists. Horsetrading takes out values we care about. I guess I'd rather be a lobbyist for my community if my Member is hearing me out.

9:49—[Comment From S. Birdie]: If he don't just say "if you all don't collectively get your shit together and pass this damn bill, you will get ZERO help from me come reelection time."

9:49—Jeff Yang: Amen, Birdie, Amen.

9:51—Jeff Yang: Nice: $3 trillion deficit—"all this was before I walked in this door."

9:51—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: Dang we're hella broke. -Bay Area native.

9:51—[Comment From S. Birdie]: Is he working his way towards the spending freeze?

9:51—Jeff Yang: @Birdie, yeah. And maybe reviving that stupid bipartisan committee thing.

9:51—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: @ S. Birdie. Looks like it.

9:52—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: @Jeff Yang. Hence the purple uniform.

9:52—Jeff Yang: Ugghhhhh.

9:52—Jeff Yang: "Like any cash strapped family..." So, no summer camp for the kids this year, dad?

9:52—[Comment From S. Birdie]: Why? Is he still not convinced that the default Republican stance is "No"?

9:52—[Comment From Keith Chow]: he should address the spending freeze part of the speech using the dumbass puns of schwarzenegger's mr. freeze from "batman & robin"

9:53—Jeff Yang: Yeah, that worked for Ahnold, didn't it :P


9:54—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: @Keith Chow. LOL. Why can't Governator ever balance the budget...CA leg is tough like Congress overall. * sigh * I cry for my state and my country. Idk what this will do for his approval ratings.

9:54—Jeff Yang: The congress overwhelmingly voted this down, no? Why is everyone standing and clapping?

9:55—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: Yay for surplus in the '90s (Thx Bill).

9:55—Jeff Yang: PAYGO is like trying to repair a torn pair of pants with a chainsaw instead of a needle

9:56—Jeff Yang: Heh. Another dig at Bush. I do think Plouffe is helping O flip the script quite nicely.

9:56—[Comment From S. Birdie]: I'll be silent for a bit. I'm helping my daughter with her homework.

9:56—Jeff Yang: @Birdie: Our education subsidy dollars at work :)

9:57—Jeff Yang: The problem with the refrain "Give us the government we deserve" is that I'm afraid that's exactly what we have right now.

9:58—Jeff Yang: I mean, let's face it: As a nation, we're pretty bad at this whole democracy thing.

9:58—Jeff Yang: Better than most countries, but still pretty bad. And getting worse.

9:58—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: Plouffe wouldn't answer my question on immigration at an event recently...he kinda dodged it well (like any good politician would) with every other excuse that there are millions of other important issues. What's the Chican@/Latin@ and AAPI voter constituency going to do if he doesn't do something this year? But then again, mid-term elections are the excuse we hear to keep waiting for CIR (Comp. Immigration Reform) to pass during this term.

9:59—Jeff Yang: True—and Plouffe isn't a politician but a political operative, so he's dodgier than most. But seriously, we need someone who'll push O to speak it clean and loud, and Plouffe is it.

10:00—Jeff Yang: O's tossing a bone to Ole Man McCain there, with the earmarks on websites thing.

10:00—Jeff Yang: McCain's like, "Yep, put 'em on *all* the Internets!"

10:00—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: Obama and his speechwriters are amazing.

10:01—Jeff Yang: Obama's putting a tack in GOP obstructionism. (And Dem inertia.) Good.

10:02—Jeff Yang: You know...I guess it's refreshing to hear a politician actually talk about how effed up things are structurally, rather than targeting individuals, institutions or a partisan side.

10:02—[Comment From S. Birdie]: All done now

10:03—Jeff Yang: @Birdie: That was fast.

10:03—Jeff Yang: "I know you can't wait," LOL

10:03—[Comment From S. Birdie]: LOL wow he called them out

10:03—[Comment From Keith Chow]: god damn

10:03—[Comment From S. Birdie]: I was not expecting that

10:03—[Comment From Keith Chow]: Please Barack, don't hurt 'em!

10:04—Jeff Yang: Let's put aside the schoolyard taunts about who's it.

10:04—[Comment From S. Birdie]: Oh the little one was confused on some grammar homework. She had most of it done.

10:05—Jeff Yang: Yeah, O, OWN THIS. You are the SECURITY PRESIDENT, as opposed to George "W IS FOR WAR PRESIDENT" Bush.

10:06—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: Bipartisanship. Yup, he's admitting mistakes on what healthcare looked like (lack of bipartisanship).

10:06—Jeff Yang: We will have all of our combat troops out of Iraq by end of about paramilitary contractors?

10:07—Jeff Yang: DADT, I feel it coming

10:07—Jeff Yang: Maybe it's the accent on "ALL" of our men and women? I guess he'll do something about GI Bill, Veteran's Hospitals etc. first.

10:08—[Comment From S. Birdie]: My brother is in Iraq right now. Good news is he might be home in August; bad news is he might be going to Afghanistan next

10:08—Jeff Yang: @Birdie: Crap.

10:08—Jeff Yang: Man, Michelle really isn't looking happy tonight.

10:09—Jeff Yang: @Birdie: Prayers go with your brother. Hope he comes home, all the way home, and stays, very very soon.

10:09—[Comment From S. Birdie]: She's probably still mad that this speech is so long and it has taken away from family time considerably

10:10—Jeff Yang: @Birdie: The kids have gotta be asleep by now. School day tomorrow :)

10:10—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: Did folks hear Obama on an interview recently that he'd rather be a good one-term President than a 'mediocre' two term president?

10:10—[Comment From S. Birdie]: Thank you Jeff

10:11—Jeff Yang: @Erin: Yeah. The problem is, what if you end up being a mediocre one term president? That's why O has to go hard through 2010. Throw bipartisanship out the window and get stuff done.

10:11—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: @ S. Birdie - also sorry to hear that, I pray that they come home safe.

10:11—[Comment From S. Birdie]: He has said that multiple times Erin

10:11—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: @ Jeff Yang. How hard is it to stay happy when you got the weight of the world on your shoulders? Tough man.

10:12—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: @ S. Birdie. Ah I guess I've only heard it recently.

10:13—Jeff Yang: Obama's so good when he's talking. If only the conviction and commitment he puts into his words could transform into action—and I'm not blaming him solely, we have a broken, broken system.

10:13—Jeff Yang: DADT coming up soon, gotta be. He's talking civil rights. Treating everyone fairly. Hate crimes.

10:14—Jeff Yang: AND THERE IT IS.

10:14—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: so 'illegal' immigrants would be seen as those who don't 'abide' by the law and wouldn't be protected...sigh.

10:14—[Comment From Keith Chow]: you called it, dude

10:14—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: @ Jeff Yang. WOW. He said it!

10:14—Jeff Yang: Again--he has to get it done. And it'll be hard. But at least he said it.

10:14—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: Thank you for Matthew Shepard Act and Lily Ledbetter Act.

10:14—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM!!!

10:14—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: FINALLY.

10:15—Jeff Yang: Yeah, but what's "immigration reform"? That's one of those fuzzy phrases that has as much danger as promise embedded in it.

10:15—[Comment From S. Birdie]: DADT reeks. I don't care if you're gay, straight, whatever. If you want to serve, then you should be free to do so.

10:15—Jeff Yang: Seriously. It's like, "I want to put MY LIFE AT RISK out of love for my country"—why should your love for anyone else prevent you from doing that?

10:16—Jeff Yang: I wonder what Bernanke and Geithner think in their heads when O is calling out wealthy, fat-cat bankers like this. Are they all squirmy?

10:16—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: @ Jeff Yang. I concur, but folks were speculating last year at Inauguration hoping he'd say something. It's just good to know that these issues are under his radar, it's been frustrating for folks who work on this stuff that have been feeling as if nothing is moving in Congress. I concur, CIR means SO many things, we'll see how it plays out before and after mid-term elections.

10:17—Jeff Yang: Huh...O giving a mea culpa. It's noisy, messy, complicated. Shades of Bush's "This job is hard!" But more sincere.

10:17—[Comment From S. Birdie]: I would hope that when soldiers are in the middle of a fight, whether or not someone is gay is the last damn thing on their minds

10:18—[Comment From Keith Chow]: here's the big mystery: how's the pasty, white guy (the new va gov. ugh.) gonna screw up the repub reponse tonight?

10:18—[Comment From S. Birdie]: Jeff that's because he actually DOES the job!

10:19—Jeff Yang: @Birdie: But who's gonna clear all the brush? That brush don't clear itself!

10:20—Jeff Yang: You know, O, I don't think that those chants of "USA USA USA" necessarily speak to the best part of us as Americans.

10:20—[Comment From S. Birdie]: The President has a talent of making the Republican response look stupid before the person making it even says one word.

10:20—[Comment From S. Birdie]: The brush? All those migrant workers his estate hired is gonna do it....

10:21—Jeff Yang: @Birdie: True enough. But the GOP has an equal talent of putting the most talentless of its number up there as a human lightning rod, so, there you go.

10:22—Jeff Yang: I'll stick it out thru the GOP response here...assuming it doesn't go another 70 minutes :)

10:24—Jeff Yang: "We don't quit, I don't quit"—sure, all good. But "not quitting" doesn't get you a raise and a promotion at work. Let's go back to "grab a mop"!

10:24—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: If he really carries out stuff for LGBTiQQA communities, immigrant rights etc. etc. with everything else in ONE TERM, I will be amazed.

10:24—[Comment From S. Birdie]: You're a better person than me, I have to turn the channel for fear of harming my TV

10:24—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: @Jeff Yang. The GOP could go on forever with a filibuster...

10:24—Jeff Yang: @Erin, yeah, well, they'll filibuster anything. I think they filibustered someone in the gallery who was just asking for directions to the men's room.

10:25—Jeff Yang: Was it just me, or did someone mutter something about "Jersey Shore" into the mike just before they cut away on CNN? Heh.

10:28—[Comment From Keith Chow]: Chris Matthews just now: "i forgot he was black for an hour." wtf?

10:28—[Comment From S. Birdie]: The Dems should make them honestly go through a filibuster once, on primetime TV, just so the public can see who is gumming up the works

10:29—Jeff Yang: @Keith: Yeah, that's a WTF moment all right. Or maybe a Harry Reid moment?

10:30—[Comment From S. Birdie]: *claps* Nice job Chris! He has earned the Bama of the Week award!

10:30—[Comment From S. Birdie]: that was snark by the way

10:30—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: @Keith Chow. He really said that...gawd.

10:31—Jeff Yang: Man, I can see the puppet strings on this guy

10:32—Jeff Yang: I want to know who the black woman and Asian man he has standing behind him are.

10:32—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: Dang I campaigned against this guy in VA...sigh Deeds.

10:32—Jeff Yang: Deeds was a terrible candidate. He and Martha Coakley should be case studies for future generations of Dems.

10:33—Jeff Yang: "Today the federal government is simply trying to do too much." Let's let Americans go to hell! At least the poor ones—they'll barely notice anyway, right?

10:35—Jeff Yang: So, the GOP wants bipartisanship, but also don't want anything O does to succeed. I do not think that word means what you think it means.

10:35—Jeff Yang: Is it a rule now that every GOP response MUST have an embedded URL?

10:36—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: "We want results, not rhetoric" right...what deficit did we have as a result of the GOP?

10:36—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: Freezing discretionary spending is a SMALL step? Hmm...when did the last Administration do that (limit govt) with war spending....

10:36—[Comment From Keith Chow]: so embarrassed to be a native Virginian right now.

10:36—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: Did he really just say we have the best medical system in the world? I wonder if he's been to France, Canada, uh somewhere else other than here??

10:36—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: Norway?

10:36—[Comment From S. Birdie]: Well state and local governments aren't capable to fill in gaps in most of the country. Shouldn't the federal government step up to the plate then?

10:36—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: I think it's interesting that they place a Black woman and and Asian man in the background of this filming.

10:37—[Comment From S. Birdie]: Bipartisanship to a Republican means "do it my way."

10:37—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: @Keith Chow. It's okay, I'm a native Californian in MD now and I'm embarrassed for the Governator and our budget issues...

10:38—Jeff Yang: I think they put the people of color behind the VA-Guv to make his whiteness pop more. It's like he's embossed.

10:38—[Comment From S. Birdie]: One Black woman and one Asian man is not gonna convince the people of color in this country that you speak for them as well as the "Real Americans"

10:38—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: Interesting choice of words with his saying "by HER work ethic, not HER zip code" and I know he wasn't very pro-women.

10:39—Jeff Yang: Man, this guy is a turd. When will GOPers admit that Bush did EXACTLY THE SAME THING in the SAME SCENARIO with Mr. Shoebomber?

10:39—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: @ S. Birdie. I concur, I'm worried bout POC folks that join GOP bc they see the image...I'm just worry when any POC turns R in general...

10:40—Jeff Yang: Y'know what scares me? I think the Republicans think this guy is their next star—a prez candidate in waiting...RoboGOP.

10:40—[Comment From Keith Chow]: well, I know my whole fam in VA has been hardcore repubs for decades

10:40—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: Overregulation? Seriously?! It's a lack of regulation that got us into this mess! *ahem* sub-prime lending ring a bell anyone?

10:41—Jeff Yang: Asian dude is still bobbleheading.

10:41—[Comment From S. Birdie]: They thought that about Gov. Jindal too...

10:41—[Comment From Edward Hong]: I'm beginning to like my VA a l'il less now...

10:42—Jeff Yang: Yes, but this guy, he's, you know, not "not white." So he's mainstream.

10:42—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: @Jeff Yang. I was waiting for someone to say that if I didn't. He hella nods at like everything.

10:42—[Comment From Keith Chow]: 757 in the house!

10:43—[Comment From Edward Hong]: oh shoot Keith, you're from VA as well?

10:43—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: his speech was hella shorter than Obama's, but this R could not hold my attention for more than 5 seconds but to critique everything he said.

10:43—[Comment From Keith Chow]: Brian Williams just called out the Benetton ad in the SOTU response

10:44—Jeff Yang: @Keith: yeah, you could hardly miss it. It looked like they Photoshopped those guys into the back there.

10:47—[Comment From S. Birdie]: LOL Brian Williams has his moments

10:47—[Comment From Erin Pangilinan]: Now watching Rachel Maddow, when does this chat end?

10:47—[Comment From Keith Chow]: @edward: yup. went to ODU even.

10:47—Jeff Yang: Okay, guys, chat's done :) Thanks for participating, and I hope to see you next time there's some kind of significant national political event. American Idol finals, maybe? (kidding)

10:48—Jeff Yang: I'll repost the full transcript in the blog. Take care!

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