Thursday, February 04, 2010

Think iCarly's "HELLSHEEP" ad was nuts? New Orleans has the best political ads EVAR. Not surprisingly.

Seriously, the city that gave us Bourbon Street boobflashing and Mardi Gras and Anne Rice, among other bizarre phenomena, is also home of the most amazingly crazy campaign commercials ever. These are all ads for this year's local races. And they're all running on, like, real TV and everything. In reverse order of WTF????:

#3: James Perry for Mayor: "<EXPLETIVE DELETED>"

#2: John Georges for Mayor: "PLEASE PET THE DOG"

and finally...

#1: Dr. Dwight McKenna for Coroner

The last one is like a gold standard for over-the-top. Hell, it approaches LBJ's "Daisy" ad for over-the-topness, when one considers that the good doctor is running for coroner. FOR CORONER! 

NOLA pols don't play games. 

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